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How does diode laser hair removal feel?

The feeling is similar for hot tingling or slight vibrations. This is because the hair heats up to 70 degrees, but thanks to the cooling system, this heat does not cause discomfort. Compared to waxing or sugaring, laser hair removal is faster, more effective and virtually painless.

When will I see results after laser hair removal?

The results are already noticeable after the first procedure, but within 10-14 days false growth of hair is observed, meaning the treated hair start to come out.

How to remove hairs between treatments?

You can use methods that do not remove hair with the root, so with a trimmer, depilatory cream and razor.  Do not remove with tweezers, thread, electric epilator, Sugaring, wax, resin, etc. It is better to refrain from hair removal 2-3 days after the session, until the sensitivity of the specified area decreases. 

How to prepare for procedures?

A huge advantage of laser hair removal is that no special preparation is required. Before the procedure, you simply have to shave the hairs in the specified area.

What is the preferred procedure schedule?

Approximate example of visits:

  1. Procedure – 4-week break

  2. Procedure – 4-week break

  3. Procedure – 5 week break

  4. Procedure – 6-week break

  5. Procedure – 6/8 week break

  6. Procedure – 8/10 week break

  7. Procedure – 10/12 week break

  8. Procedure – 12/14 week break after which observations are made.

Are there any restrictions after laser hair removal procedures?

After a procedure, the skin needs a recovery period, so please:

  • Refrain from using exfoliants.

  • Do not use hair removal procedures that involve pulling out hairs with the root (wax, tweezers, Sugaring or mechanical epilator).

  • Preferably avoid sunbathing or solarium for 2 weeks 

  • Refrain from bath, pool, gym and sauna on the first day after the procedure.

  • Use skin rejuvenating creams (panthenol, bepanthene, lipobase, etc.).

How can you tell if a studio is using quality laser machine or a poor quality knockoff?

To distinguish what equipment the studio works with, find out the model of the equipment. If they can't name it, it's probably an unknown cheap model.

Can laser hair removal be performed in summer?

Yes, You can do laser hair removal in summer, the main thing is to follow the recommendations we give before and after the procedure.

Can I shave my hair after laser hair removal?

Yes, you can shave two days after a procedure. Later shave as needed. You'll notice that You need to shave much less often, You will not feel discomfort after shaving and the process will take less effort and time.

How long is a laser hair removal procedure?

One session lasts from 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the number of treated areas, height and body weight. On average, armpits and upper lip require 10-15 minutes, bikini - 20-25 minutes, legs - 50-70 minutes.

How long will I be free of hair after the full course?

On average from 2 to 8 years. It all depends on Your hormonal background, frequency of maintenance procedures and age. Our studio specialists use the newest diode laser device. Compared to other methods, laser hair removal has several advantages:

  • long lasting result

  • pain-free

  • no need to buy shaving products after the full course

  • does not cause irritation

  • can be used on any type of hair

  • affects only the hair follicle without affecting the skin

Can laser hair removal be performed during pregnancy or breastfeeding period?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding period are absolute contraindications for laser epilation, so no.

Is it true that burns or scars may remain after the procedure?

Laser epilation does not violate the integrity of the skin - that is why scars do not appear. Failure to follow the recommendations of specialists may result in burns. It is not advisable to do it immediately after sunbathing (no sooner than 5 days after sunbathing), and it is also not advisable to sunbathe after the procedure (at least a week), use cosmetics or alcohol-containing substances on the treated area. Use only Panthenol or Bepanthen (within three days after the procedure).

Is it true that hair does not grow back?

Of course, hair will grow, but only during the procedures. Each time, these will be new hairs that were in a dormant state during the previous procedure, and not in the active growth stage. Gradually, they will become smaller, and the hair itself will change its structure, becoming thinner and lighter. After completing the full course of procedures, youll lose 90-95% of hair in the treated area. After a year or so, new hairs may appear, but not in the same amount as before. In this case, we recommend 1-2 procedures to remove these unexpected guests. Hair removed with the laser machine will never come back, so You can say that laser removes unwanted hairs forever!

Does the laser remove light hair?

The laser selectively heats the dark pigment - melanin. Therefore, the lighter the skin and the darker and coarser the hair, the better the results. People with fair skin and dark (dark blonde) hair are the most suitable candidates. Light hair will require more treatments. Red hairs are eliminated by about 30%, but become thinner.

Can the procedure be performed during menstruation period?

Yes, if you have a high pain threshold. For everyone else, laser hair removal is not recommended 3-5 days before menstruation, during menstruation and 3-5 days after it. During this time, the body reacts most to pain. In other words, you have a whole half month at your disposal, where you can choose a suitable date for the procedure.

Can laser hair removal be performed on moles?

The hair on the mole can be removed if the mole has been examined by specialists before procedure. Otherwise, large and protruding formations on the skin should not be exposed to the laser. If you are doing laser hair removal and a large mole is found in the treated area, the personal must bypass, tape or paint it so that the laser beam does not hit the mole. Small, flat, brown birthmarks that are often dotted on a person's body can be discolored. Very dark spots that contain a lot of melanin should not be lasered because of possible pain.

If You are allergic to the sun, can You do a laser hair removal treatment?

You can because the laser beam has a precise wavelength of 808 nm and does not belong to the UV spectrum. But if you want, you can do trial flashes to check the reaction of the skin.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

The procedure is, of course, sensitive, but at the same time tolerable and comfortable. Diode laser SAPPHIRE SMARTEPI combines such advantages as:

• patented contact cooling system

• the possibility to precisely adjust the parameters of the laser using a special sensor for each patient individually, depending on the hair structure and skin characteristics.

We successfully remove unwanted hair from delicate and sensitive areas such as upper lip for women, stubble line for men, underarms, bikini area and bottom.

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