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Under the influence of Microcurrents, metabolic processes improve and as a result our skin, blood vessels and muscles are healed and renewed at the cellular level.

The method is notable for this, that it comprehensively restores the metabolic processes and allows you to restore the facial skin. Penetrating deep inside, the impulses affect:

  • Skin layers;

  • dermis;

  • blood vessels;

  • subcutaneous fat;

  • muscles;

  • lymphatic channels.


Full course: 8-10 procedures

Time between procedures: 3-4 days

For older skin you can do a course of 50+ sessions with a frequency of 3 times a week.

Procedure includes :  skin cleansing, toning, peeling and lifting. Mask. After the procedure, a serum or cream according to your skin type is applied.

Price of one procedure

45.00 €

Ultrasonic cleansing + microcurrent lifting

55.00 €


Visually, the face is restored:

● cheeks "rise";

● a double chin is removed;

● nasolabial wrinkles disappear.

The face looks relaxed. Thanks to such versatile effects, microcurrent therapy has become one of the most popular methods in modern cosmetology.

Choose the desired procedures and mark the time thats fits best for you!

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