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Eliminate hair forever!

The only hair removal method with guaranteed and lasting results

Advantages of electroepilation

TECHNIQUE for removing unwanted hair

on the face and body, where each hair is individually eliminated by an electrologist using an electroepilation machine.


Forever lasting effects

The only technique that truly

allows you to eliminate hairs forever

by destroying hair follicles

For complex cases

This is a jewelry technique - each hair is removed individually. You can get rid of hair anywhere, including a single hair on your face.

An affordabe method

Each procedure becomes cheaper, because the specialist's work is paid per minute, while the amount of hair will decrease with each time

Eliminates all hairs

Electroepilation can eliminate any hair, regardless of its structure or color: fluffy, gray, red, thick, thin and fine.

Full course of procedures

On average 10-20 procedures

To successfully kill the hair bulb, it must be in the first or anagen phase of growth. Therefore, a course of several procedures is required for successful hair removal.

Factors affecting the effectiveness of the procedure:

  • Hair thickness and structure

  • Hormones

  • Master technique

  • Frequency of procedures

  • Genetics


What types of electroepilation are there?



Direct current is used.

Effect: a chemical reaction takes place, alkali is formed.

Duration of liquidation of one hair:

from 10 seconds

This method used in electroepilation is now practically not used


BLEND method

Alternating current is used.

Effect: a chemical reaction takes place, alkali is formed.

Duration of liquidation of one hair:

3-7 seconds

Pros: Works on deep or curved follicles

Cons: Slow process


Thermolysis and FLASH thermolysis

Alternating current is used.

Effects: heating, burning, drying.

Duration of elimination of one hair:

0.02-3 seconds

Pros: quick elimination

Cons: Not as effective on curved follicles

FLASH Thermolysis

FLASH thermolysis from the English word flash - "flash" works even faster than classic thermolysis.

There are devices that are the fastest on the market at 2/100th of a second, optimizing energy transfer thanks to greater precision and wavelength stability. Therefore, during the procedure, we can approach the pain threshold as close as possible without even reaching it, while maximizing energy.

Thermolysis dries the tissue, creates a controlled micro-burn from the thermal effect, where electrocoagulation (liquid thickening) takes place, and also cauterizes the capillary that nourishes the hair.

The tip of the inserted needle (probe) releases heat and expands depending on the strength of the current and the exposure time.


Prices of procedures

Electroepilation (FLASH thermolysis / BLEND) payment for 1 min.

Body – 1.00 eur / min

Bikini area - 1.20 eur / min

Facial area – 1.50 eur / min

Minimum electroepilation session (up to 10 minutes) – 15.00 euros.

+ extra charge for men + 20% (face area, body)

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