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​Skin care cosmetic procedure

​This cosmetic procedure includes:

  1. Gentle cleansing of the facial skin, which leaves the skin velvety and thoroughly cleans the pores.

  2. Air bubble peeling removes the top layer of the skin, helps open the pores and prepares the skin for the procedure.

  3. Serum soothes, enriches and moisturizes the skin.

  4. Mask restores the protective barrier thanks to its elements.

  5. Penetration of preparations is ensured LED therapy.

  6. The procedure is completed by applying a cream according to your skin type, and it will continue to enrich the skin throughout the day.

Price of one procedure

50.00 €

Contraindications, typical to most cosmetic procedures:

  • oncological diseases;

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;

  • allergic reactions to certain drugs;

  • hypertension - diabetes mellitus;

  • infectious or viral diseases with high fever;

  • epilepsy;

  • mental illnesses.

Choose the desired procedures and mark the time thats fits best for you!

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