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Ultrasonic cleansing is a procedure for gentle cleansing of the skin from surface dirt and dead horn cells. As a result, the skin is renewed, its microrelief is evened out, and the complexion improves. The skin acquires a smooth, well-groomed appearance.


For dry skin: 1 - 1.5 once every two months 

For oily skin: once every 3-4 weeks

For problematic skin: once every 10-14 days, then once a month

Procedure includes : cleansing, toning and intensive moisturizing of the skin. Moisturizing mask. After the procedure, a serum or cream according to your skin type is applied.

Price of one procedure

40.00 €

Indications for
ultrasonic cleansing

  • minor skin impurities;

  • for oily skin with enlarged pores;

  • tendency to comedonation;

  • in any type of comprehensive skin care;

  • gray complexion, uneven color;

  • uneven skin microrelief;

  • hyperkeratosis.

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