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Thanks to the efficient cooling system, you will feel only a slight tingling sensation.


The laser flash acts locally on the hair follicles without affecting the tissues, lymph nodes and organs.

Lasting effect!

After the course, you can forget about unwanted hair for a long time..

Laser hair removal procedure along the entire length - it is based on the damage of the melanin color located in the hair follicle. As a result, the follicle is destroyed and further hair growth stops.

How to prepare for the procedure?

To achieve the desired result (complete hair removal), you need to follow these simple tips:

  • Do not do anything related to hair removal for a month before laser hair removal (epilator, wax, Sugaring)
  • Shave your hair the day before the procedure (you can also use depilatory cream or remove hair with a trimmer at level 0)
  • Three days before and three days after the procedure no scrubs, including solariums, saunas and peels
  • If possible, refrain from sunbathing for a few weeks before the procedure.